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accident injury chiropractic

Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic Treatment​​

After a car accident, chiropractic care is frequently advised because it may help in restoring the spine’s natural alignment in cases of whiplash and other accident-related injuries. Many victims of these incidents might not even be aware of their injuries until symptoms start interfering with their everyday activities. Receiving treatment from a chiropractor could be helpful for you if you were recently involved in a vehicle accident and are suffering from your injuries.

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Finding the right facility that can provide long-lasting, dependable outcomes along with treatments that concentrate on attending to the soft tissue injuries that are generally the leading cause of pain is the key to chiropractic care after an auto accident. After a vehicle accident, chiropractic therapy cures the injury rather than disguising it with painkillers.

Start Feeling Better The Healthy Way​​

Handling injuries correctly is always better than masking the injury and its effects using medications.

Relief pain from auto accidents the correct and affordable way

Our Expert team is ready to help you relieve any pain and injuries you have suffered from auto accidents.


All our procedures are of the highest standards to help you recover fast.


If the treatment is started later, the wound will get worse, so contact us today and start your recovery.


Our treatment is covered under your insurance. Even if you don't have insurance, we will devise an affordable plan for you.

Our Doctors​​

John A. Haywood did his doctorate at Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduated in 1997, and his strong interest in treating injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions. He then graduated with a certification in treating whiplash and mild traumatic brain injuries.
John A. Haywood, D.C.

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