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A digital x-ray is a diagnostic instrument similar to a traditional x-ray, but instead of creating images from the raw data from the x-ray beam using film or other methods, it does it by utilising computer software.
Electrical energy rather than radiation is used to create digital images.

Doctors highly prescribe them because of this.
They are also thought to be a more precise method of examining the health and condition of bones, joints, and other body parts.

Benefits With Our Service

The most frequent application of digital X-rays is in chiropractic care. Chiropractors can take digital photographs using either a handheld gadget or a system set up on tables. The photographs are taken to examine your spine for damage or back problems.
Chiropractors can assess patients more rapidly when they have this kind of equipment available in their offices, digital X-rays are more beneficial. Digital X-rays are indeed entirely secure. Compared to the standard type, they are significantly safer because they create an image of your bones without radiation or chemicals.

Here are some of the benefits of using Digital X-Ray:

Digital X-rays can also find malignant tumours or other abnormal growths in your bones that impair your ability to operate normally.
Correct and advanced imaging gives Chiropractors pertinent information about your circumstance and guarantees the right therapy for your condition or injury so that you can recover correctly and effectively.

Why Are Digital X-Rays Used?

With the help of digital x-rays, chiropractors can quickly determine your body’s structure by adjusting images. X-rays are essential in diagnosing and assuring effective treatment for conditions like damaged discs, hidden abnormalities, and bone spurs. We use the method at your first session to conduct a more thorough evaluation.
Most musculoskeletal issues seen at our chiropractic practice may be caused by malfunctions in other body parts that can’t be seen on an x-ray. During your treatment, you may receive manipulation therapy and other chiropractic techniques. It would be better for you to come to our office, where we use digital X-rays to diagnose you, look at your body structure, and find the best course of therapy.

Our Doctors​​

John A. Haywood did his doctorate at Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduated in 1997, and his strong interest in treating injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions. He then graduated with a certification in treating whiplash and mild traumatic brain injuries.
John A. Haywood, D.C.

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