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Medical Liens from Auto Accident Injuries

The injuries from an auto accident can hold people back from enjoying their life correctly. Due to this, most professional Chiropractors work with an attorney so that they can start the treatment of the patient without any delay.
After an auto accident, many legal formalities need to be done, and it is too much to deal with for a fit person, let alone an injured patient. So we can help you with that. Don’t worry about the expenses of the attorney. We will do that on your behalf. Most chiropractors are willing to work with a lawyer on medical liens.
When the auto accident was not your fault, the responsible party or their insurance covers all the medical bills and expenses. An attorney will handle the medical lien and communicate with the negligent party’s insurance provider to negotiate the amount that will be paid.

Medical liens allow the injured person in the auto accident to have their medical bills paid by the other included injured person. An injured individual can undergo treatment immediately without waiting months to collect compensation under medical liens.
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What injuries are covered under a Medical Lien?

Any injuries sustained in an auto accident, including those sustained in motorcycle and vehicle accidents, may be covered by a medical lien. A medical lien may also be used to pay for some of the following injuries that could result from an auto accident:

The most crucial action you should take after submitting a claim with your insurance provider if you were hurt in a vehicle accident is to get medical help for your wounds before they worsen. 

To give the essential information and paperwork so patients can receive the care they require, chiropractors have expertise working with many attorneys.

Our Doctors​​

John A. Haywood did his doctorate at Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduated in 1997, and his strong interest in treating injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions. He then graduated with a certification in treating whiplash and mild traumatic brain injuries.
John A. Haywood, D.C.

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